3 tech trends for e-commerce you need to be aware of

Since the first website was created, companies have been using the internet and wireless communications to transform businesses.

Along these lines, virtualization of commerce can be considered the main retail revolution in recent times: according to a Google survey, e-commerce is expected to double its share of retail revenue by 2021, growing by approximately 12.4% per year.

With so many expectations, innovation in the industry does not stop: there are always new trends in e-commerce technology moving the consumer world. 

  • Chatbots and artificial intelligence

One of the most promising applications of artificial intelligence is in the area of ​​chat robots, also known in the market as chatbots. They enable automated customer communication and, as well-managed, have great potential to streamline e-commerce fulfilment operations.

The analysis of each chatbot-customer interaction can also take into account the customer’s relevance to the company through integration with the company’s management systems. Thus, it is possible to optimize the need for human operators, precisely to address the critical cases where a chatbot cannot advance in terms of understanding or response.

  • Voice Search

Communication by artificial intelligence should be based on voice search, a feature increasingly present in internet applications. It’s as if your personal Google assistant is integrated with your preferred e-commerce, streamlining the entire buying process.

  • Mobile-first

Thus, the concept of mobile-first is increasingly advanced: a prerogative of mobile always first, so that sales and relationship platforms are designed with a greater focus on this segment: the so-called m-commerce.

One example of that is the Brass Gifts’ website, a wholesale brass animal figurines/souvenirs, which has a responsive website. 

Therefore, it is very important to check the quality of your e-commerce shopping experience by mobile, making the necessary adjustments to avoid losing any customers in the coming years!

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